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Site policy

CAR MATE MFG. CO., LTD. Official Website Terms of Use

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully in order to use the Car Mate official website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") comfortably. By using the services of this website, you agree to these terms of use. In addition, the contents of these terms of use are subject to change as necessary. Please refer to the latest terms of use posted on this page when using the site, as we cannot contact you each time changes are made. If you do not agree to the terms of use, please do not use the Website.

You are responsible for providing the necessary and appropriate equipment, software, and communication means to use the Website at your own liability and expense. Car Mate is not involved in any way in the preparation or method of your access to the internet.

About the recommended environment

(1) OS / Browser

The following operating systems and web browsers are recommended for use of the Website. The Website might not be displayed correctly when older versions are used. For details, please check the support information provided by the developers.

[Recommended Browsers]

Windows: Latest version of Chrome / Latest version of Firefox

Macintosh: Latest version of Safari

iOS: Latest version of Safari

Android: Latest version of the standard browser


Since each browser uses its own expression technology created by the browser developers, the Website does not guarantee the same display conditions for all browsers. Each product site might have its own recommended environment separate from these provisions.

In addition, the Website may not function properly or may not be displayed properly depending on the settings of your OS/browser or your internet connection environment.

Restrictions on the Use of Materials

The Website is managed and operated by CAR MATE MFG. CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Car Mate") or its representatives.

The copyrights to the material on the Website belong to Car Mate. No copies may be made in any form.

However, you may download only one (1) copy at home, for non-commercial personal use only, on one (1) computer, provided that you retain all copyright notices. Please note that using the material for any other purpose will infringe upon Car Mate's copyright. In particular, you may not upload images from the Website to your own website or use them on any other internet website or computer network environment. Car Mate grants you a license to use the information, documents, programs, sounds, pictures, images, video, text, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Software") that you can download from this website, as well as the data and other software derived from this Software.

However, the rights to the Software are not transferrable to you. You own the medium on which the software is recorded, but all rights to the Software and all intellectual property rights therein are reserved by Car Mate.

You may not redistribute, sell, re-edit, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer the Software.

Notes on International Use

The Software on this Website is provided in accordance with the laws of Japan. Car Mate makes no representation that the Software provided on this Website is appropriate or available for use in locations outside Japan.

When using this Website from overseas, please comply with the legal regulations of the country or region in which you are using it. In addition, the Software must be used in a manner that complies with the various laws and regulations regarding export control in Japan.

Submission of Ideas, etc.

Car Mate welcomes comments and customer letters about Car Mate, including online services. However, as a general rule, we do not accept any ideas, memos, drawings, concepts or other proposals (hereinafter referred to as "Proposals") from our customers regarding new products, new technologies, designs or characters, unless specifically requested by Car Mate.

This is to avoid misunderstandings and disputes between you and Car Mate, as there is a possibility that Car Mate's own unpublished ideas and your Proposals may coincidentally be similar. In spite of the above request, if we receive any Proposals from you, we will, in principle, return it to you without examining or evaluating its contents. We understand that all Proposals are sent to us on the understanding that you agree to the following points. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

  • 1. Car Mate is under no obligation to consider, evaluate, or adopt any Proposal.
  • 2. Car Mate is under no obligation to maintain confidentiality with respect to your Proposal.
  • 3. Even in the event that Car Mate adopts a proposal that is identical or similar in whole or in part to the Proposal, Car Mate is under no obligation to pay compensation to the proposer, and shall not be subject to any restrictions.