We celebrated our 50th anniversary in June 2016 since our founding on the 7th of June 1941.
As a company of planning, developing, and manufacturing for automotive accessories; we have launched a wide variety of products, received patronage for which we are able to reach today. We are deeply grateful for your warm support and guidance.


1960s -All Beginnings –

1965 Mar. CAR MATE was founded
●Headrest was released
1966 Mar. Established CAR MATE MFG. CO., LTD.
1967 Stop Lamp was released
1968 Jun. ●Rear View Mirror were released


1970 ●Side Mirror was released
1972 Dec. Established CAR MATE Industry for assembly factory
1973 Jun. Newly established CARMATE Yokohama Factory
1975 Jun. CAR MATE Sales Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary
●Ski carrier was released
1976 Oct. Established a new factory in Yuki City, Ibaraki Prefecture
1977 Apr. Opened Osaka Liaison Office in Osaka City
●Car accessories ZAX series was released
1978 Jan. Opened Lands Business Division
●Camping supplies were released


1980 Jan. Development Planning Office and Marketing Office established
1980 Sep. Changed the name of Planning Department to Technical department
1981 Jun. Opened the Sapporo office in Sapporo City
1981 Jul. Established the Yuki Plant Office Building
1982 Sep. Expanded the Yuki Plant Assembly Building
1984 Apr. Opened Fukuoka office in Fukuoka City
1984 May. Established CARMATE, INC. in Los Angeles, USA
1985 Feb. Opened Nagoya office in Nagoya City
1985 Apr. Sendai Branch office of the Technical Department was opened in Sendai City
●Non-metallic chain Biathlon was released
1986 Feb. Changed the name of Technical Department to Development Department
●Motor Sports RAZO series was released ●Baby Car Seat was released ●Fragrance was released ●System Carrier INNO was released
1987 Mar. Development and Research Department opened
1987 Sep. CARMATE CAR ACCESSORIES CO., LTD. established in Hong Kong
●Deodorant was released
1988 Apr. Yuki Factory became JIS certified factory (child seat)
1988 May. Established Carmate Logistics Co., Ltd.
1988 Aut. Completion of Yuki Logistics Center
1989 Oct. Established a three-dimensional automatic warehouse for parts at the Yuki Factory
1989 Dec. Merged Carmate Sales Co., Ltd. to form a unified manufacturing and sales


1990 Apr. Opened Sendai Sales office in Sendai City
1991 Snowboard was release
1992 Mar. Applied Development Department to a divisional system
1993 May. Shenzhen Factory established in China
1993 Oct. Established Yuki Third Logistics Warehouse
1993 Dec. Chemical Development Center opened in Yuki
Launch of "FLUX" binding for snowpods
1994 Mar. Over-the-counter registration with the approval of the Securities Dealers Association of Japan
1995 Feb. ●Rod Holder was released
1996 Nov. Opened Sagamino Factory in Ayase City (halogen bulb)
1996 Dec. Established CARMATE CAR ACCESSORIES(Shenzhen) CO., LTD., in Shenzhen, China
●Brake Dust Cleaner was released
1997 May. Applied development department to group system
●Halogen Bulb was released
1997 Dec. Yuki Factory IS09002 Certified
●Non-metallic chain Biathlon Quick 55 was released
1998 Aug. Quality management system IS09001 certified
1999 Oct. Car Mate USA, Inc. established
●Baby Car Seat AILEBEBE series was released


2000 Apr. Environmental management system ISO14001 certified
●Deo Magic series (steam deodorant) was released ●Car Security Barricade was released
2001 ●Super water-repellent coat Rain Magic series was released
2002 FLUX "INFINITY Contracted Rider Wan the 5th prize at Salt Lake Olympics
●Baby Car Seat AILEBEBE KURUTTO series was released
2004 Feb. Established Yuki Second Factory (H.I.D bulb)
2004 Oct. Headquarters and development department merged
●Integrated the carrier brand into INNO ●Fragrance Sai was released
2005 Apr. Established RAZO(Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
●Fragrance BLANG was released
2006 Oct. ●Biathlon Genuine adoption in Daihatsu ●Changed the name of GIGALUX to GIGA
2007 Sep. ●AILEBEBE ZUTTO won an Excellent Evaluation in the baby car seat assessment ●GIGA H.I.D. series was released
2008 ●OEM supply started of shift knob in Toyota USA ●Flat Wiper V Clear series was released
2009 ●GIGA H.I.D. DUALX was released ●Non-metallic chain Biathlon Quick Easy was released


2010 ●iPhone app DriveMate Fuel was released ●Deodorant Dr.DEO series was released
2011 Feb. Introduced a reduction-type collision testing machine
Environmental management system ISO14001 certification changed to Yuki Factory only
●Super water repellent coat Zero Wiper was released ●App DriveMate SafetyCam was released
2012 Jul. App technology provided to the app to non-life insurance company
●Biathlon genuine adoption in Toyota
2012 Aug. ●ISOFIX corresponding baby car seat AILEBEBE Cute Fix was released
2013 Jun. Announcement of "DoraSapo", a traffic safety education app jointly developed with Oita Prefectural Police
2014 ●INNO Aero base was released
2015 Nov. ●GIGA's first LED headlamp was released
2016 Sep. ●AILEBEBE KURUTTO 4 series was released
2016 ●The world's first portable stick-type fragrance containing functional fragrance molecules Techno Aroma R series was released
2017 Feb. ●Released drive action camera d'Action360
2017 Jul. Drive Action Camera d’Action360 won 30th Automotive Newspaper Equipment Award 2017 "Grand Prix"
2017 Aug. ●Japan's first remote sunshade baby car seat AILEBEB SHERIR was released
2018 Jul. ●Launch our first stroller model FRACOT was released
2018 Oct. "d’Action 360S", "AILEBEBE FRACOT" and "AILEBEBE PAPATTO" won the 2018 Good Design Award
2019 Feb. Developed 360-degree video and smartphone-based VR traffic safety video with Oita Prefectural Police Headquarters
2019 Apr. ●Smartphone Holder for rear recording for tailgating was released
2019 Oct. Participated at Tokyo Motor Show 2019
New Corporate Logo was introduced
2019 Oct. Hitch Carrier for the United States received 2019 Good Design Award